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We are so happy and honored to annonce that Petri Räisänen will visit us and hold a workshop for four days in March 2021. Read more about him here.

Thursday 11th March 2021
17:00—19:00 – Led Primary
19:15—20:30 – Opening chanting, discussion, pranayama and meditation

Friday 12thMarch
06.00-08:00 and 08:00—10:00 if needed, Mysore style

Saturday 13th March
07.00-09:00 and 09:00-10:30 if needed, Mysore style
14:00-16.30 Workshop: Ashtanga Yoga for all body and mind types 
We are all body types, shapes and ages. What is easy for one student can be impossible for someone else. That doesn’t value how good the students practice is. How can we observe the students different body and mind types and be flexible with the ”traditional” Ashtanga system? Making the practice comfortable for all students and create a safe zone to allow you to be who you are. 

Sunday 14th Mach 
07.00—09:00 and 09:00—10:30 if needed, Mysore style
13:00—16.00 Workshop: The nature of Prana and how to use it for Asana and Adjustments 
In addition to teaching Yoga, Petri worked as a Folk healer and Naturopath and ran a natural treatment business in Helsinki, Finland from 1991—1998. Petri studied and worked with the Finnish folk healer masters for twelve years, starting in 1988. From the many different healing techniques, like Bone setting, Herbal healing, Cupping and Energy healing, Petri is presenting the nature of Prana and how to use it for the Healing and Asana Adjustments. This is a workshop centred around energy (prana) and how it can be controlled, balanced and released. It is magic in the most natural way.  

– Full workshop Thursday — Sunday (Asana + In-Depth): 2500:-
Full workshop only (no single classes) due to Covid-19