We are so happy and honored to annonce that Petri Räisänen will visit us again and hold a workshop for four days 21—24 April 2022. Read more about him here

Gratitude, compassion and love

21/4 – Thursday 
17.00—19.00 – Led Primary Series
400:- book separately, not included in the weekend workshop

19.15—20.30 – Workshop opening
discussion with chanting, pranayama and meditation
(open for all participants during the weekend)

22/4 – Friday
6.00 or 8.00 or 10.00 – Mysore style

13.30—15.00 Workshop group 1

15.30—17.00 Workshop group 2

Workshop: Gratitude, compassion and love 
The mind therapy techniques to create a respectful connection with yourself and others. Theory and meditation practice.

23/4 – Saturday
6.00 or 8.00 or 10.00 – Mysore style

13.30-15.00 Workshop group 1

15.30-17.00 Workshop group 2

Yoga Philosophy: Vidya and Avidya 
Good knowledge and not so good knowledge. Now to deal with the modern ”lying” culture as a yogi and civilised human being.

Workshop: Asana adjustments for all body and mind types 
We are all body types, shapes and ages. What is easy for one student can be impossible for someone else. That doesn’t mean that someone is doing a better or worst yoga. How we can observe the students body and mind types and be flexible with the ”traditional” Ashtanga system? Making the practice comfortable for all the students and creating a safe zone to be who you are.

24/6– Sunday
6.00 or 8.00 or 10.00 – Mysore style

13.00-14.15 Workshop group 1

14.45-16.00 Workshop group 2

Yoga Philosophy: Yoga of higher states: Samadhi’s. 
There are many types and states of Samadhi’s described in the yoga philosophy. Which are the types and how to practice to reach the higher states? Theory and meditation practice.

Price: Full Workshop (Thurs—Sun) 2900:- BOOK HERE
Price: Ledd class Thursday 400:- BOOK HERE
Price: Full Weekend Workshop 2500:- (Fri, Sat, Sun, incl. ws opening 19.15 Thurs) BOOK HERE

If there is spots left Mach 1, we will open sales for 3 Mysore mornings 1500:-
Place: Prel Stapenl, Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö, how to get here
(place might change, but it will be central and nice:-)