Nico Cooper, Ashtanga Yoga
Nico started his Ashtanga Yoga journey in 2003 when his doctor prescribed yoga to treat chronic back pain and general inflexibility, not yet realising that this would be a life-changing practice.

During the next 8 years, his yoga practice was an invaluable support to his demanding professional life, before moving to Mexico. Here he was able to focus more on Ashtanga practice and philosophy, and had the opportunity to begin sharing what he had learnt through teaching. In 2013 he finally travelled to Mysore, India to practice at KPJAYI, and has returned every year to study with Sharath Jois. Nico was authorized by Sharath Jois Mysore, India 2018.

Nico believes that anyone can do yoga, whether we are stiff or flexible, strong or weak. He is committed to listening to what each student needs. His classes are fun and relaxed, realising that every student has different body types, practices and intentions. He is deeply committed to helping students develop and maintain a sustainable, life-long yoga practice.

Nico teaches in English (and also speaks French and Spanish)