Bend, don’t break! The art of backbending, with Sofia Soori. Sat March 16 at 2-4 PM (14-16)
Let us look at how we can create room for doing backbends with less pain and more ease! A lot of us struggle with stiff backs coming from our society’s still sitting lives. We come to yoga we hope to find the answer on how we can be more mobile and strong in our bodies, or maybe to prevent injuries from happening. In this workshop we’ll focus on the spine and back in the movements known as backbending. We will look at positions from Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga, as well as other postures to help us on the way. This workshop is suitable for all levels of practitioners! It is preferable to have a somewhat regular yoga practice to have some basic knowledge and body awareness before joining.

About your teacher: Sofia Soori is a long term dedicated Ashtanga practitioner and authorized level 2 SYC/KPYAJI Ashtanga teacher. She has been teaching Ashtanga for over 10 years and is currently mainly teaching retreat, because of her studies. Except yoga, Sofia is doing master in Psychology and is a team rider for the Swedish national team for surfing.

När: Sat 16 Mach at 2- 4 PM (14 - 16)
Lärare Sofia Soori
Pris: 250:- medlemmar 200:-
Frågor: Åsa Hermansson,
Where: Ashtanga Yoga Shala, Generalsgatan 2, Entrence at Grynbodgatan 12