A strong core makes a yoga practice almost effortless, allowing you to flow with the breath, floating through from pose to pose.  This workshop will show you how to practice in a way that develops core strength and stability. A strong core also enables deeper relaxation, and faster flexibility progress.

-Together we will discuss how a strong core makes the practice easier and more comfortable, and how those benefits spread out into everything else we do with our body.
– We will go through some basic “core principles”, and learn how to apply them to the practice.
– We will practice applying these principles pose by pose throughout the primary series.
– And finally, we’ll go through some stretches and exercises for anyone who finds they need some emergency rehab to tidy up their core.

Bring your yoga gear and your mats!

Teacher Nico Cooper
Date and time 
30th of October, 17 — 18.30
Price 180:-