Pneuma BreathworkThe way we breathe is the way we live. The breath is the most powerful tool we have. We can use it to change our mood, to improve our physiological and psychological wellbeing, to balance our emotions, to reduce stress, and so on. Pneuma Breathwork is a practice that facilitates the profound exploration of our psyche and the connection with our inner wisdom. In this workshop, we use the power of the breath to create a deep space of introspection, to access extraordinary or transpersonal states and receive guidance, healing and understanding.

Facilitator Karina Minda is a certified clinical psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist. Since 2016 she is certified in Transpersonal Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork, by Inkarri Cultural Association. She joyfully shares effective and scientifically proven methods, while creating a safe and compassionate space for everyone to explore their inner experiences and discover their true potential.

”This practice is intended to remind us that within us there are spaces of tranquility, light and beauty that can be intensified to infinity. When we integrate these experiences into our daily lives, a real change occurs. This is the power to open the heart, the experience of consciousness, the knowledge of virtues and Love.” Juan Ruiz Naupari

Dates: 28 th of October 2023
Time: 03.00—07.00 PM (kl 15—19)
Facilitator: Karina Minda
Prices: 1 session: 380 kr | Students and Members: 1 session: 300 kr 
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